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Call and Put Options Strategies

About Options Screener

Options Screener (Oscreener.com) provides a technology for financial institutions and independent traders to improve option strategy identification and optimize overall risk analysis process.

Using a completely unique architecture, we enable a transparent and user friendly  approach to options strategies screening which helps option traders to identify higher probability option strategies and backtest these strategies to minimise risks before entering the market.
We believe risk analysis with option screening and backtesting will radically improve quality, accuracy and timeliness of each decision to enter the market with specific option strategy.

Why Options Trading?

1. Long Call Option strategies provide leverage and requires less capital than actually purchasing the stock. With Long Call strategies the downside potential is limited and the upside potential is unlimited.
For example if stock goes up 30%, the price of long call of this stock gains 900%.
however if the same stock drops (30%) or less, long call of this stock drops to (100%).
Oscreener is designed to help you to find and backtest these Call Options.

2. Bull Put Spread option strategy can be profitable when the equity price a) goes up b) remains stagnant c) goes a little bit down.

3. Bear Call Spread option strategy can be profitable when the equity price a) goes down b) remains stagnant c) goes a little bit up

Trading stocks can not offer this flexibility or such risk management comparing to option trading strategies.

Why Oscreener?

1. Time efficiency. We value your time. Oscreener allows to minimise the time spent on finding higher probability option strategies on the market.

2. Advanced analysis. Oscreener allows to screen through Long Call, Long Put, Short Put, Bull Put Spread, Bear Call Spread, Bull Call Spread, Bear Put Spread strategies while applying unique filtering techniques. Each subscriber can filter strategies for example by distance to breakeven, strategy greeks and even filter by stock technical performance of each strategy.

3. Visualisation. Each strategy can be viewed as a chart with clear indication of stock market performance, distance to breakeven and time remaining until strategy expiration.

4. BackTester feature allows to evaluate your strategy selection by running it through historical data.

5. Consistency. Oscreener Reminder allows to get notified when it is time to enter the market again or when extremely profitable trade available on the market. Each subscriber can receive a list of the potential strategies available based on configured parameters.

Who can benefit from Oscreener?

Anyone who studied and/or traded American-style Options before.